Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, review of rumors

Since about two months, the web is ringing with a rumor about a possible new high-end pro Canon SLR camera soon to be disclosed: Canon EOS 1D Mark IV. Let’s summarize what we have and let’s evaluate the probability of each of the possible features.

  • Launch date: Two possibilities, either September 29th, 2009 (Canon intends to make a spectacular presentation and some think that this could well be the upcoming Canon EOS 1D Mark IV, but it could also be a product from another Canon branch, like printers), or beginning of 2010, probably in March, just after the 2010 Winter Olympics which would be used as a pro test platform (I doubt it could be as precise as that right now, but the event sequence is credible and quite in line with Canon habits).
  • Full Frame sensor: This is nearly certain, pros would not accept something else now, but it would call for a dual DIGIC V in order to sustain high-speed continuous shooting (I heard 10 frames/s).
  • 100% viewfinder: Compulsory.
  • 20-zone AF system (and many more non-selectable AF assist sensors).
  • 3″ LCD VGA display (I heard OLED technology display, but the interest would still be very marginal).
  • Compatibility with CompactFlash & SD memory cards (normal today)
  • 1080p video (24i/s, 25i/s, 30i/s)

Obviously, we will have to wait a little more to know. But, we also have to remember that this will be a camera for a high-flying class of pro (or rich) photographers.

Canon Press Event September 29, 2009 : “biggest and most important launches in history“. From CR forum

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