Timothy Allen

While I am preparing myself to travel to Nepal in the coming days, I have the pleasure to show you photos from Timothy Allen taken during a trip to the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

Meditation - Copyright (C) Timothy Allen

Meditation - Copyright (C) Timothy Allen

In his story behind the image, Timothy gives us one of the best photo advice:

Taking a photograph like this is not hard at all. The only prerequisites are a darkish background and a suitable light source emanating from only one direction, in this case a door to the front right. One thing you must be sure of is to remember to meter for just the highlights that you can see. This will involve shooting with your camera set to manual and adjusting your exposure accordingly, something I would advise you to get into the habit of doing at all times if you are serious about your photography. By exposing for just the highlights on the woman’s face, the rest of the dimly lit background disappears into complete darkness.

Timothy Allen’s photos.