Premium repair for Sony

Sony will soon offer (at the end of October) a Premium service for after-sales and warranty. It will target pros and top-flight amateur photographers. For a period of one, two or three years (at the price of 109, 219 or 329€), the customer will get a warranty extension (directly from Sony Style Georges V or from the consumer support department of Sony France) associated with some complementary services:

Sony Alpha 200

Sony Alpha 200

  • Yearly, professional cleaning of the camera sensor with opening of the mirror cage and removal of the sensor itself
  • Repair priority
  • Availability of an equivalent DSLR during repair time
  • Door-to-door service (the camera is collected and returned at the location of your choice)

This could attract some pros. The amateur photographer could also be interested provided that they need some re-assurance, and they have a Sony Alpha 850 or Alpha 900.

But there is still an open question (for now): Will this be applicable out of France (I only got the confirmation from Paris)?

Source: Alpha-Numérique.