Jak Wonderly

Copyright (C) Jak Wonderly

Copyright (C) Jak Wonderly

Jak Wonderly is a photographer able to apply his art to many a subject, but what attracted my attention is his work about horses at a friend’s ranch where he will find these great animals rescued from slaughter or neglect.

“The most important decision I make in my work is how to approach a subject. It is a privilege to light-map an animal, a sacred act.  I try to bring a quiet mind and a great deal of patience to the encounter.  Waiting until the subject acknowledges me, perhaps even senses my purpose, I let the animal compose the shot.  I focus on what I am being offered, rather than what I can take. The language of photography is unfortunately and inaccurately predatory, particularly when it comes to animals. […]

My photographs are not staged and I only use ambient light. Nothing is added; nothing is taken away. The images are collaborative: the photographs are mine, but the art belongs to the animal, the sky, the land, the water, the light.”

This behavior, this approach to photography is reflected in the resulting pictures. What else would ask from a photograph?

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