Oleg Kasko

Black and white is no longer used by most nature landscape photographers. This is a pity. Oleg Kasko is maintaining this tradition with pictures that magnify the mystery and the beauty of the places where he brings his camera.

And it is quite some equipment: This photo was taken on a sunny winter day with a Hasselblad 503cx camera, using 15 stop grey filter, gradual filter ND8, lens Sonnar 150mm, f/16 and an exposure time of 90 seconds. He stays faithful to film (here, Kodak TMY400, pushed to ISO 1600, developed with Kodak TMX).

Copyright (C) Oleg Kasko - All rights reserved

Copyright (C) Oleg Kasko - All rights reserved

I strongly recommend a visit to his gallery.

Digital images obtained using a scanner Nikon 8000.