Inform us, but leave no trace


Some of you may be interesting in giving us some information leaks. It may seem that your privacy may be difficult to be kept in the process, but there are a few ways to protect it.

I can give you some information and some advice.

  • I would not divulge the sources of my information if you merely ask me to keep it quiet.
  • Use the contact form providing a wrong address (please, make it clear in the text).
  • If you feel that this is not enough (or if the information you are providing would be really asking for additional protection), you can send email to (just replace 2006 with this year, 2009 or 2010, to make it actual), without leaving traces by using one of the following services:
  • You can also send us paper mail. It may be very ‘old economy‘-like, but it’s quite safe to understand that I will not keep the document for more than a few hours. And it won’t allow to track you…
  • You can also install a system enabling its users to communicate anonymously on the Internet, like TOR which will bring an additional level of security and anonymity, but at the price of a much higher complexity.

Feel free to use or adapt these advices. For my part, I will do my best to ensure that our exchanges will do you no harm.

All that being said, remember that I always prefer a well-known source (if not 100% identified) and I may chose not to publish some leaks when I do not feel sufficiently at ease with its origin and/or credibility.