Antje Schley

Copyright (C) Antje Schley

Copyright (C) Antje Schley

Sometimes, you discover a photographer because one work touched your eyes and you fall in love with the rest of her work. This is exactly what happened to me. I saw Antje Schley photo documentary about Kabul and loved her B&W rendering of this country at war.

But it’s with her portraits series that I was really stopped. In the photo up here, Antje seems to be willing to express some of the experiences of Traumschlaf, the first phase shortly after falling asleep, where some of the dreams may form.

I decided to make Portraits, because the connection between reality and dreamworld is most incomprehensible. There, you associate and reflect your own world of thoughts, Dreams and Experiences. Due to the obscuration of the faces the dreams become ours.

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