David Bacher

Copyright (C) David Bacher
Copyright (C) David Bacher

This photo is part of a series on the Sami people living in northern Sweden near the town of Kiruna. I took this picture at a reindeer corral during the month of December at around 14h. The Sami villagers work long hours, separating their individual reindeer herds. The temperature was approximately -15 Celsius. The light was a combination of overhead spots that the Sami use to illuminate the corral and a touch of natural light as days are very short during the winter.

David Bacher is a photographer whose international ascendancy helped in cultivating a multi-cultural sensitivity. You will find him under all skies, in front of all horizons, in many photographic styles. The photo above is part of an on-going documentary in Sweden, where I loved the texture and the color. But you must also visit the rest of his site.