Flickr group for the friends of YLovePhoto

Flickr logoI just started a small experimentation. For those of you who may be interested, I opened a Flickr group under the name of YLovePhoto. Instead of making a sort of closed beta test upon invitation only, I chose to open the doors widely. The operation may still be a bit imprecise during a few weeks (there is a learning curve here). So, don’t be too harsh.

In the future, it should ease the exchanges between the YLovePhoto readers in an environment that is very photo-friendly and open to picture sharing. All ideas will be welcome of course.

Since it seems that a relative majority of the readers here are French-speaking, the language of most people in the group will clearly be French. Try and use French, if you can. However, we will not complain if you have not a perfect grammar and French is not your mother language (French people are supposed to try and do better).

If you cannot speak/read/write French, as a courtesy to all people, let’s try to split different conversations for French and English (or other languages). If it is really needed, I may open another group later. Let me know.

The basic rule here will be: Let’s be polite to the others. YLovePhoto already exists both in French and in English.