Olympus is long in 4/3

At Olympus, the pressure is on micro 4/3 in this second half of 2010. Here come two tele-zooms and some photo cameras.

There was a dire need of a respectable tele-zoom in the Olympus lens range. This is now corrected with nothing less than a 75-300 mm f/4,8-6,7 (equivalent to a 150-600mm). If this was a bit too much for your taste, they also brought a nice 40-150 mm open at f/4,0-5,6 (much more reasonable).

The 75-300mm comes in cloth of black and silver according to your taste, at the price of €899.00/$899.99. Available in December 2010.

The 40-150mm will sell for €329.00/$299.99 as early as October 2010.

Furthermore, you will be able to shoot pictures with an Olympus E-P2 Special Black EVF Edition for €1079.00, and an Olympus E-P2 Special Black Flash Edition at €1049.00/$999.99, from October.