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  • Olympus: There’s no stronger medecine

    As you know it already, Olympus is currently in front of a dramatic situation around very serious allegations of major financial embezzlement attributed to its management by a previous director of the company. News flash: The company decided to adopt a definitely pro-active approach to the problem with the beheading of the top management and…

  • 7 Olympus officials arrested

    7 Olympus officials arrested

    Olympus has officially acknowledged the arrest of seven top officials suspected of breaching Japanese financial regulations. This appears to be part of the international investigation into the gargantuan accounting cover-up of these last years. Let’s hope for the photo business that this will not shake the company down while it is trying to bring interesting…

  • Olympus OM-D

    Olympus has finally announced this very weird camera now known as the Olympus OM-D. Don’t let the photo mislead you, this is not a good old APS-C digital SLR camera. On the contrary, this is a surprising little camera taking its inspiration from many books and many different worlds. The Olympus OM-D goes back to…

  • New partners for the micro-4/3 format

    New partners for the micro-4/3 format

    Olympus just announced the arrival of new partners for the micro-4/3 format. As a matter of fact, the more immediately significant ones are the two independent lens manufacturers: Tamron Kenko-Tokina Olympus press release.

  • Weird new antiques or retro style?

    Quite often, photo camera manufacturers try to differentiate themselves one from each other and, for a few years, they only got two ideas: colorful cameras retro-styled cameras that try not to look old Two recent examples: A white Nikon V1 and a retro-styled Samsung NX-200 RS (with only a metalized plastic top to distance itself…

  • Olympus: Back to the future

    If Olympus is obviously in dire financial straits, the teams keep working on t preserve the photo business despite the risks looming high over the company. The latest rumor: Olympus would be preparing a mirror-less photo camera based upon a micro 4/3 digital sensor, with a very tough architecture designed to lift it over the…

  • The end of Olympus

    The end of Olympus

    This is not yet fully certain, but Olympus is today at the core of a maelstrom. So much of it that it is advisable to think about the possible end to the brand itself As a matter of fact, we are witnesses to an almost unbelievable financial chronicle on a background of fraud, creative accounting…

  • The new Sony RAWs on Capture One

    The new Sony RAWs on Capture One

    The most recent release of Capture One (version 6.3) now supports the new RAW files grnerated by the most recent Sony products using the huge 24 MP sensor: Sony Alpha 77 Sony Alpha 65 Sony NEX-7 Sony NEX-5n We should also list the support for the most recent Olympus: Olympus E-P3 Olympus E-PL3

  • New reviews listed

    New reviews listed

    I just added a large quantity of camera reviews in all the SLR camera pages. About 15 of them, in all languages starting with English of course, but also in French and in Spanish. Most of them are for the Sony Alpha 55. Many reviewers have been attracted to this innovative photo camera.