Luis Argerich

Copyright (C) Luis Argerich

Copyright (C) Luis Argerich

Luis Argerich shot that photo on a visit to a local nature reserve. He found those trees and the sun was high right in the middle, the day was hot and the naked trees were really warm to the touch. Some people would drop the picture as either uninteresting or requiring too much post-processing, but Luis made it so that it shows his feelings at the moment, the fire of the sun and the trees under the piercing beams.

His “Fantasy” series (where this photo comes from) always seem to be out-of-this-world. What is a photographer for, if not to create a world of his own with the simple tools of light?

Q: What makes a good photographer?

I’d have to say just love for what you do. As long as you put your heart in your photography, you will always have a public, no matter what kind of photography you do.