Christophe Levet

Generally speaking, those who tried their hand (or their camera) at concert photography noticed quickly that this is a specialty often made difficult by the tough lighting conditions. This only partly because of the lack of light (which is very real), but even more it comes from the near-impossibility to master your own lighting conditions.

Copyright (C) Christophe Levet
Copyright (C) Christophe Levet

On this photo of DJ Looping in the middle of a mix session during a Drum and Bass evening at the MC2: in Grenoble, France, Chris Levet was lucky enough to be allowed to locate appropriately his own flash lights to build his own delicately blue atmosphere for the background.

This gives a very good reason to go and check his web site, or his blog with Violaine, creator of Wearetheneons brand (dresses and t-shirts designed in a retro kind of spirit), Applaud or Die.