Joseph Linaschke

I was always slightly fascinated by concert photography, with all its technical obstacles and the added attraction of a spectacle for both eyes and the ears.

Here, I was attracted by a picture from Joseph Linaschke (twitter: travel_junkie). The different perspective is the obvious distinguishing element.

This photo was made while covering the Seal SOUL European Tour in 2009, in Nantes, France; One of only two venues on the tour where Joseph could access a catwalk and get above the audience.

Joseph tells us: ” I photographed 24 shows in six weeks, and a lesson I like to share with people that I really learned on this tour is that repetition is extremely important to improving your photography. While it may sound boring, shooting the same basic thing over and over again will eventually force you to find a new and clever way to photograph it. And often that’s when the real creative breakthrough comes! Realize that if you conceived a particular shot in just five minutes, then chances are, someone else already did, too. […] eventually you’ll break free of that cycle and find something different that no one else has seen before.”

Seal SOUL European Tour – Nantes, France
© 2009 Joseph Linaschke, All Rights Reserved

The difference between a good photographer and a bad photographer is the ability to see things from a different perspective, or different point of view, than everybody else. Everyone sees the world from eye level—being a good photographer means finding a different approach. It could be as simple as crouching low or standing on a ladder, or framing the shot through a tree, or simply taking great care with your foreground and background. Take the time to evaluate the scene, and ask yourself “has this been seen before?”. If you think it has, try harder, until you find something unique.

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