Sigma SD1

Sigma SD1: Foveon sensor

Sigma SD1
Sigma SD1

Sigma surprised nearly everybody when they announced the Sigma SD1 camera, a few hours in the Photokina show. This is a high-end DSLR photo camera for the enthusiast or the (nearly) pro photog. One of the most prominent features of the Sigma cameras is the famous Foveon X3 digital sensor where the color pixels are stacked one on top of the other rather than being aligned side-by-side in the traditional Bayer matrix design.

The Sigma SD1 will have a sensor with 15.4 million locations representing 46 million color pixels (3 stacks of 15 million pixels).

DPreview has a good presentation of this technology written in cooperation with Sigma: Sigma and Foveon discuss the forthcoming SD1.

Foveon X3