Canon EOS 60D user manual

Download the Canon EOS 60D user manual

Canon EOS 60D user manual

Canon EOS 60D / cover page of the user manual

We all know how difficult it can be to find the online versions of the SLR photo cameras operator/user manuals in general, and Canon manuals specifically. For a recent photo camera like the Canon EOS 60D, this is somewhat more difficult, and I decided to specially look around for the YLovePhoto readers. Here are the (current) results of my investigations, some PDF files to be downloaded as you would like:

if you detect a change (a user manual which becomes unavailable or which moved to a different location, or a new manual to download), please, tell us about it with a small comment below. The Canon EOS 60D lovers and those who would like to read the manual before buying the product will thank you.

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