Canon EOS 60D user manual

Download the Canon EOS 60D user manual

Canon EOS 60D user manual
Canon EOS 60D / cover page of the user manual

We all know how difficult it can be to find the online versions of the SLR photo cameras operator/user manuals in general, and Canon manuals specifically. For a recent photo camera like the Canon EOS 60D, this is somewhat more difficult, and I decided to specially look around for the YLovePhoto readers. Here are the (current) results of my investigations, some PDF files to be downloaded as you would like:

if you detect a change (a user manual which becomes unavailable or which moved to a different location, or a new manual to download), please, tell us about it with a small comment below. The Canon EOS 60D lovers and those who would like to read the manual before buying the product will thank you.






5 responses to “Download the Canon EOS 60D user manual”

  1. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    If you are German (or from Spain or Poland), you may have access to your local Canon web site and be able to see some user manuals that other people may not. Be sure to check with me once you get the address of the PDF file in your own language.

  2. Rainer Avatar

    German (and other countries) manual now available at

  3. chel Avatar

    these downloads have no words! its the full manual wth pictures only, no writing. LAME!!

  4. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    You should consider using a different PDF reader (or your computer has too low memory or something). I checked again, but the text came with the pictures when I tried a minute ago.