Hunter Freeman

The originality of a photo sometimes comes from the art direction or the actor’s direction and this is the case for the “Astronaut” series of Hunter Freeman. Created while Hunter had a space suit available for a few days after an assignment, it answers the question of what astronauts do when they are not working up there. After all, they must have a quite very normal life too…

Astronaut café - Copyright (C) Hunter Freeman

Good or bad photographer?  I don’t know for certain, but all the good ones love what they do, and, I think, always are looking for something new, looking to learn something more.  A friend once said that being a professional meant paying attention to details:  for me, in photography, that means the composition, lighting, subject, timing, location,…everything about a photograph.  I think that most “good” photographers want their photographs to be compelling (a good word), and they don’t want to just have an “average” photograph.