Quick, the best hybrid camera, please!

Let’s assume that in these times of preparing for the end-of-the-year gift purchases, you are looking for the best EVIL/hybrid photo camera, or the best camera of this type from the point of view of the Image Quality (IQ) of its sensor. DxOMark will give you a quick answer.

This is not perfect (it does not take into account any of the ergonomics of the camera, for example), but for a photographer in love with great image quality, the conclusion will be quickly drawn as you can see below:

The Sony NEX-5 is clearly ahead except in terms of color depth (which is particularly sensitive for smooth areas and soft fading colors that are more important in portraiture than in action sports photography).

  • Sony NEX-5: 69 points
  • Samsung NX 100: 62 points
  • Panasonic DMC GF1: 53 points



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