Tim Mantoani

Chris Chapman – Copyright (C) 2010 Tim Mantoani

Sports photography is an exercise which often seems well (too well?) framed and limited. Tim Matoani adopts a slightly off tone for his portraiture of sportsmen (like for most of his other portraits by the way). Suddenly, the environment puts the athlete on a pedestal while giving him or her a background so much different from the usual frame provided by stadiums and other sports locations.

Question: What was your first photo camera and does it compare to your current one?
Answer from Tim Mantoani: My first camera was a 110 with a flip flash and my first 35mm was an Olympus OM-2. I bought it for $50. How times have changed! I still like shooting film for some of my personal projects, but for the demands of advertising and commercial work, digital solves more problems and allows everyone to sleep well at night knowing the job is done.