Roberto Boccaccino

When Roberto Boccaccino shots pictures, he is framing the crisis of the world or of Man. He is seeking a meaning, he is bringing the world to our eyes to share the feelings of his subjects through the feelings of the photographer. This is documentary.

Question: What do you consider your worst weakness in photography and how you try and correct it?
Answer from Roberto Boccaccino: I think my photography has still many weak points. Now I’m putting so much effort in the definition of my style and photographic vision.
That’s the main aim for me now. I’m interested in stories about places and people and when I work on something I always have to be focused on the way I’m approaching it. I need to find the balance in every shooting between the moody and intimate language I like and the story itself, that should be shown in a clear and strong way.
So I would say that the worst weakness I see in my photography often is not very visual, but it has more to do with my approach. It’s something very personal that I’m trying to dig up.

Copyright (C) Roberto Boccaccino

About this photo (and the “Doomsdays” series): The “Riti Settennali di Penitenza” is a traditional penitential rite taking place in the southern Italian town of Guardia Sanframondi every seven years. It is the largest self-punishment rite in the Western world.