Christoph Gielen

We live in developed countries but is this development sane? Christoph Gielen photographs our world to show Human life sprawling over the earth planet and how we tend to transform it into something utterly different.

Copyright (C) Christoph Gielen

Question: What do you consider your worst weakness in photography and how you try and correct it?
Answer from Christoph Gielen: [This] isn’t easy to answer, but, my worst weakness I suppose is the fact that I feel quite distant from the medium of photography itself. I actually don’t like using it unless I feel that I am “saying something” with it. It has to do do with the overuse of photography. We’re surrounded and bombarded with imagery all day – so for me the only excuse for using it too, is content. I only photograph when I have researched what I want to photograph, and in that sense it is a very decisive pre-determined act, photographing. Very specific. All the shooting I do is “pre-orchestrated” – the movements we make in the air, the locations are all set in advance. So the most difficult aspect of photography for me is the search for subject matter.