The proto A77 got chickenpox

Really! Look at these photos from DC.Watch. We can see all faces of the prototype shown by Sony in Yokohama and it’s quite obvious that there are more buttons on this camera body than on any other Sony SLR photo camera.

Sony A77 transparent
Sony A77 transparent
Sony A77 transparent
Sony A77 transparent

I would even be ready to open a competition to assign features to all of them black buttons.

Among things that may require a little more attention, we can notice that on the Sony SLT-A77 :

  • The LCD screen on the back is articulated (but not deployed in the presentation).
  • Memory is really in SD card format.
  • The viewfinder is electronic (no pentaprism).
  • The mirror does not seem articulated (but in a fixed position as on the A33 and A55)
  • Many little changes in the design style of the buttons: Exact form, exact location or even their orientation.

Thanks Séb.