3 hours to become a better photographer

In our culture of fast-food restaurants, jet planes and instant messaging, we have no longer any time left. Anyway, during the time of a weekend afternoon, you can become a better photographer. Without even shooting one single frame.

  1. Open a photo book and start looking for what makes these images great to your eyes.
  2. Go to a museum (preferably not about photography, but more about old painting or engraving) and study the composition of the displayed works.
  3. Open the user manual of your preferred photo camera and discover those operating modes and features that you never use.
  4. Go join a photo club and speak to other photographers; They will teach you new things, new tricks and they will open your eyes if you listen to them.
  5. Start Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, or whatever photo software you use to work again on some of your oldest photos; You are going to rediscover them and you will get new ideas and the will to shoot them again.