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The art of camera tossing

Camera tossing is all about sending a photo camera up in the air while in long exposure settings to record the whirling moves of the camera into a somewhat different picture. This is an obviously dangerous photo technique (How many times can you strike such a move without letting the camera fall on the floor?)…

Bursting the bubble

Here is an exceptional photo. Nothing was Photoshopped, its author, Richard Heeks, only reinforced a little the colors to make them a little more vibrant. This a soap bubble popping in front of the camera. Try and do the same.

Solutions to photographer’s block

Some photographers may have « writer’s block » (or photographer’s block, more acurately) and feel that they no longer want to shoot pictures. I found two answers to this problem on the Internet. The first one is a a series of advice by Photocritic: 10 ways to prevent photographer’s block. 100-step challenge: Walk 100 steps,…