Jim Patterson

Jim Patterson

Jim Patterson
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Jim Patterson‘s photography is a colorful one, a joyful one. The eye is pleased be it in front of his landscape portfolio or in front of his underwater photography portfolio.

Technically speaking, for the Joshua Tree National Park picture displayed here, he used “a 30 second exposure at ISO 800 in order to get the stars to show up and I used a red LED flashlight to paint the arch with light. When the moon rose, [Jim] positioned the camera to place the moon into the small gap in the rocks“.

Question: What was your first photo camera and how does it compare to your current one?
Jim’s answer: My current camera is a Nikon D300 and it is drastically different from my first camera, the Nikon N90s. Besides the film to digital switch, the D300 has faster auto focus and frames per second speed for action photos.