Samuel Marshall

Samuel Marshall is one of those photographers who go very far to get some original photos. At least, to get photos of places most people do not visit. It means taking some risks with the police and other security people, it means taking some risks. But you get to see some astounding pictures.

Copyright (C) Samuel Marshall – All rights reserved

You will find him on the wrong side of the Niagara Falls (on the underground side), in abandoned plants or subway stations (check his photos of the Paris Métro), sometimes climbing on the roof of some unusual places.

This series of photos were shot inside the disused waste water tunnels of the Niagara Falls Toronto Power Company hydroelectric power station in Canada. The tunnels are over 10m diameter, 500m long and each red brick was painstaking laid by hand over 100 years ago. It is an amazing space and monument to human ingenuity that can only be accesses by rappelling through the decaying remains of the abandoned power station. Due to the difficulties in accessing the tunnels, only a handful of human beings have been fortunate enough to stand at ‘The Confluence’.