Sarina Finkelstein

Sarina Finkelstein
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Is there something that could make you stop shooting photographs?

Sure, if my camera broke?  (But, I’d just get another.) 

Shooting a tangible photograph is just the end product, though.  Photographing is seeing, it is a way of conversing and interacting with the world.  With my work in particular, it’s a license and a reminder to always be open to new ideas, people and places.  To constantly be learning something, to give a voice to someone’s story, to make a lasting representation of a moment I experienced.

It’s my excuse for wandering off, for daydreaming, for seeming to be half-listening while I’m watching everything going on around me.  It’s something I’ve never really been able to turn off. 

Sarina Finkelstein has an approach to documentary-style photography that I like a lot. There is calm, moderation, nearness to people. The series I brought to light here is all about modern-day gold prospectors who re-installed in California (probably because of the economic recession). But she is also giving us her own look onto men and women who leave the social standards and choose to live both their passion and the sacrifices they adopted.

Their environment is not an easy one, the Law is not in their favor either.