Differences between A77 and A65

Sony logoTo enlighten those who are asking how to choose between the two future enthusiasts SLR photo cameras from Sony, the Sony A77 and the Sony A65, here is a short summary of what is known of their main differences:

  • The image shutter will be “lighter” on the Alpha 65 (shorter guaranteed life span, lower frame rate -10 fps instead of 12- and slower max speed -1/4000s instead of 1/8000s).
  • Simpler AF system: the A65 will have only 15-zone AF with 3 cross sensors (instead of 19-zone AF and 11 crosses on the A77).
  • Somewhat limited extended features on the Alpha 65: No ISO 50 mode as on the A77.
  • Lighter mechanical design: Magnesium alloy will only appear on the A77 (explaining a large part of the price difference); Weather-sealing/protection is much better on the Alpha 77 (fully dust-proof and moisture-proof thanks to the many toroidal seals).
  • Luxurious User Interface for the high-end: A77 with an additional top LCD for the essential function controls (ISO, speed, aperture, white balance, etc.)
  • Back LCD with vertical tilt on the A65, but fully tilt-and-swivel on the A77.

This is more or less what sony did with the Alpha 900 and its little brother the Alpha 850. But they were not launched at the same time. Here, they will collect as many of the customers as possible from the initial announcement.