Comparison new Sony, old Nikon, Canon [updated]

In a few hours, the two new SLR photo cameras from Sony, the Sony Alpha 77 and Sony Alpha 65 will be fully official.

Since a lot of information reached our ears already through a number of different leaks, it is now possible to make a few educated guesses and to attempt a comparison with the older Sony Alpha 700 (many of its owners are impatiently waiting for its successor(s)) and the direct competition in the Nikon and Canon ranges.

Sony A700Sony A65Sony A77Nikon D7000Nikon D300sCanon EOS 60DCanon EOS 7D
Sensor12 MP (x1.5)24 MP (x1.5)24 MP (x1.5)16 MP (x1.5)12 MP (x1.5)18 MP (x1.6)18 MP (x1.6)
Sensitivity (in ISO)200-1600 (ext. 100-6400)100-16000 (ext. 25600)100-16000 (ext. 50-25600)100-6400 (ext. 25600)200-3200 (ext. 100-6400)100-6400 (ext. 12800)100-6400 (ext. 12800)
High/low lightDRODRODROD-lightingD-lightingHighlight Tone + 4x Auto Lighting OptimizerHighlight Tone + 4x Auto Lighting Optimizer
Viewfinder95% (pentaprism)100% – 2.3MP OLED EVF100% – 2.3MP OLED EVF100% / grid onLCD100% / grid on LCD96% / exchangeable glass100% / grid on LCD
LCD3" / 920000 pixels3" / 920000 pixels3" / 920000 pixels + top LCD3" / 920000 pixels + top LCD3" / 920000 pixels + top LCD3" / 1040000 pixels3" / 920000 pixels
Metering40 zones1200 zones1200 zonesRGB 2016 ptsRGB 1005 pts63 zones63 zones
VideoHD 1080p / 24-25-60fps with full AFHD 1080p / 24-25-60fps with full AFHD 1080p / 24fpsHD 720p / 24fpsHD 1080p / 30fpsHD 1080p / 30fps
AF11 zones15 zones19 zones39 zones51 zones9 zones19
AF correctionNoNoYesYes (12 lenses)Yes (12 lenses)NoYes
Continuous shooting5fps12fps12fps6fps7fps (8fps with MB-D10)5.3fps8fps
Flash (GN in m @ ISO 100)GN 12GN 12GN 12GN 12GN 12GN 13GN 12
Shutter speed / Flash synchro30s – 1/8000s / 1/250s30s – 1/4000s / 1/250s30s – 1/8000s / 1/250s30s – 1/8000s / 1/250s30s – 1/8000s / 1/250s30s – 1/8000s / 1/250s30s – 1/8000s / 1/250s
BodyAluminium + MagnesiumAluminium + polycarbonateAll weather / magnesiumAluminium + polycarbonateMagnesiumAluminium + polycarbonateAll weather / magnesium
Flash memoryCF I/II + MS Duo/ProSD HC/XC + MS Duo/ProSD HC/XC + MS Duo/ProSD XC (2 emplacements)CF I/II (UDMA) + SD HCSD HC/XCCF I/II (UDMA)
Price (body only)$899$1399$1199$1699$999$1699

Legend: Green means “best in class”, Red means “worst in class”.

Let’s not forget that this comparison is still based upon rumors (which will or will not be confirmed in the coming hours).