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« Miverina » means « to come back ».

Rijasolo was born in Madagascar and the « Miverina » series is a move back to rediscover this country. His photography is a kind of black and white photography which touched me deeply.

Question : Is there something that could make you stop shooting photographs?
Rijasolo’s answer: At first, nothing could stop me shooting pictures, be a witness of people’s life, to report the state of the world we live in. Then, it is quite possible that, one day, photography will stop being, that the work of photographers will no longer be recognized by society at large, that it will create more and more obstacles to photographer’s activity. It is also quite possible that we, photographers, become conditioned to format our work, to adopt visual codes, a moral code, standards that can no longer be brought down. These things could happen some time, here, in a country like Madagascar. If that day came, I may think about stopping photography because I would have lost what is the central interest of a photographer’s job: To be a social activist.

Web: http://www.rijasolo.com/