Nikon D7100 or Nikon D400?

According to a small bit of information I received, Nikon may not be ready to launch a new successor to the Nikon D300s, also known as Nikon D400. However, they have a Nikon D7100 in the works. The D7100 would be the first Nikon camera using the same digital sensor as the Sony Alpha 77 (a surprising 24 MP sensor in DX/APS-C format). Most of the existing Nikon D7000 would be kept.

According to this, the Nikon D400 would be using a different sensor of a more specifically Nikon design and of a lower pixel resolution.

No date, no image, though.

Nikon D7100 – or not







2 responses to “Nikon D7100 or Nikon D400?”

  1. Mitchell brown Avatar
    Mitchell brown

    Can anyone tell me what the possibilities of the nikon d7100 might be? I am looking into a d7000 at the moment but was wondering if I should wait for the release of the nikon d7100? If possible would you be able to tell me what the features of d7100 might contain?

  2. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    The Nikon D7100 is still very much a rumor. So, there is no known & safe feature list. What I heard here is only a very limited bit of information centered around the use of the 24 Mp sensor originating at Sony.

    However, as I always insist upon: Never base your purchasing decisions on rumors (even from the excellent YLovePhoto web site!) or even just announced products. The best camera you’ll get is the one you buy and use, not the one you dream about and wait for.

    For now, the D7100 would probably look a lot like a copycat of the D7000 with a bigger sensor (possibly with minor improvements to video grabbing and to buffer size for continuous shooting).