Alan Douglas

I admit being in love with wildlife photography when it draws me to visiting the warm countries. Tropical regions and savannas are perfect for me. But some photographers have a notion of wildlife which pushes them to the cold waters of some oceans and cold countries. That is how I discovered Alan Douglas (somewhat through chance and serendipity) and his wildlife photographs. But, on his web site, I noticed a series (“Beachwood“) which looks into floated wood abandoned on the shore by the waves. Alan uses them to create abstract and very personal paintings.

Copyright (C) Alan Douglas – All rights reserved

This series only started last year and it will certainly evolve a lot in the near future. As he says:

I live on the west coast of Canada North Vancouver Island in Port Hardy, an area where the rain forest meets the sea, I only have to walk along the shoreline to see how nature creates wonderful shapes and textures, colours from the materials washed up on this shoreline. […] These images look so good in print and I am very excited about the potential of this project.

To the question of “What do you consider your worst weakness in photography and how do you try and correct it?”, he answers:

I think I would have to say that sometimes I get too focused on a particular aim of a photo trip, ie (I am out in the forest and want to make an image of a bear) that I miss other things around me! So I now try to go on a photo hike with an open mind and celebrate what is good in our world!

Which explains that Alan can cover so different subjects.