Nikon D300s and D700 are at the end of the road

Weird! On their Japanese web site (but not on the French or US web sites, or nay other Nikon web site I could check), Nikon just lightened the list of its discontinued DSLR photo cameras:

Nikon D300s and Nikon D700, it's the end

Nobody’s really surprised by the presence of the Nikon D700 since Nikon will announce its successor the Nikon D800 as soon as the beginning of next month (probably on February 7th).

On the contrary, if many people (like me) are waiting impatiently the successor to the Nikon D300s which started to look old; Despite its qualities, the competition progressed a lot in the last two years.

So, is this announcing the demise of the D300s and the presentation of a new Nikon D400 in February? At first, some thought it could be an error (!) but after more than 24 hours on site, the error seems to be here to stay. But we are clearly out of rumors about the Nikon D400.