Weird new antiques or retro style?

Quite often, photo camera manufacturers try to differentiate themselves one from each other and, for a few years, they only got two ideas:

  1. colorful cameras
  2. retro-styled cameras that try not to look old

Two recent examples: A white Nikon V1 and a retro-styled Samsung NX-200 RS (with only a metalized plastic top to distance itself from the usual all-black livery).


Nikon 1 V1 blanc


Samsung - before/after

They did not reach very far, though. There still some before we can draw on the surface of the camera like with our mobile phones…

While waiting for this dream future, we still have to be patient until we see the next camera from Olympus which (according to PhotoRumors) could well look a lot like an Olympus OM SLR camera from old times.


Olympus OM Digital

Funny, but until there is some clarification of the financial status of the Olympus mother company, I will sit and look from some distance, with a tender smile on my face.