Juergen Specht

I stopped recently by Juergen Specht web site and was hit by the sheer variety of its subjects. Just go to juergenspecht.com and you will also be hit by many interesting photographs from a German guy who moved to Japan for 12 years and traveled a lot.

Juergen Specht

Copyright (C) Juergen Specht - All rights reserved

The picture was taken in Chiba, Japan in October 2006, where Juergen came across this kid sliding down this plastic grass construction.

Question: Why and how did you start photography?
Juergen Specht’s answer: hm, it was more accidental. Somebody lend me a Nikon F3, because he never used it and I got hooked on photography. I had my first darkroom in my bathroom and shot B&W exclusively for many years, then changed to digital in 1999 and never looked back.

If you look closely, my pictures – especially the studio or planned ones – have often not more than 3 primary colors. So I never went that far from my b/w beginnings