Pentax lens roadmap

Pentax K-mount lens roadmap

Pentax K-01
Pentax K-01

Now that Pentax has announced the Pentax K-01, a strange little hybrid photo camera using the K-mount lenses inherited from the DSLR range (K-5 or K-r cameras), it becomes once again important to see what Pentax is planning for the future of this range of lenses.

In the past, the question of survivability of the K-mount cameras was clearly open: Recurrent rumors of obsolescence for the K-mount were rampant in the rumors web sites, because of the possible (sometimes observed) announcement of the end-of-life of DSLR Pentax cameras. But now, with the K-01 (even if it is quite far from a pro or expert design), the promise of new DSLR (including a possible new Full Frame reflex in the end of 2012, according to sites like PhotoRumors), and the influx of new money from Ricoh, everything becomes possible again.

Pentax specifically presented a roadmap for this range of lenses.

Pentax lens roadmap
Pentax roadmap for K-mount lenses

What is really important here (read the roadmap for the details) seems to be:

  • A very long telephoto prime lens: 560mm seems to be more than adequate for the smaller sensors. if this is a lens for the Full Frame, it will be a big pro lens. If it is a lens for the hybrid, it may have a relatively small aperture (f/8) to offer a very long focal length at a (relatively) reasonable cost. However, if you notice the existence of a focal 1.4x multiplier, I would say: A 560mm f/5.6. Mark my words.
  • The two wide-angle zooms are obviously here for the Full Frame camera and seem to confirm that the rumor of availability in 2012 (see above) is unfounded and that the new Pentax K-full will only arrive in early 2013.

Some things are not mere rumors, but just a correct analysis of the available information…