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  • Download the Pentax K-1 user manual

    Download the Pentax K-1 user manual

    You can now get the Pentax K-1 user manual in several languages right from Internet: Pentax K-1, Operating Manual (English) Pentax K-1, Manual de Instrucciones Mode d’emploi du Pentax K-1 en français Have fun reading these Pentax K-1 documents.

  • Pentax K-mount lens roadmap

    Pentax K-mount lens roadmap

    Now that Pentax has announced the Pentax K-01, a strange little hybrid photo camera using the K-mount lenses inherited from the DSLR range (K-5 or K-r cameras), it becomes once again important to see what Pentax is planning for the future of this range of lenses. In the past, the question of survivability of the…

  • Ricoh & Pentax: 1 + 1 = 1

    Everybody was expecting some changes after Ricoh purchased Pentax. As a matter of fact, Ricoh just announced that all their photography-related activities would be grouped under a single banner and inside a single common subsidiary, Pentax Ricoh Imaging Company which will take charge of all the developments. This should reinforce the role of Pentax, but…

  • Ricoh + Pentax: Showing the way of the future? [Updated]

    You have certainly heard the announcement that Ricoh just purchased Pentax from Hoya, its previous owner. As a matter of fact, it may have been surprising more than one, but it was already true that Hoya no longer seemed to know what to do with its photo division under the Pentax brand name. Since the…

  • New reviews listed

    New reviews listed

    I just added a large quantity of camera reviews in all the SLR camera pages. About 15 of them, in all languages starting with English of course, but also in French and in Spanish. Most of them are for the Sony Alpha 55. Many reviewers have been attracted to this innovative photo camera.

  • Breaking a Pentax Spotmatic F apart is still art

    Breaking a Pentax Spotmatic F apart is still art

    Todd Mclellan has broken an old Pentax Spotmatic F to make a visual representation of its entrails. The simplest things make a nice little piece of photography.

  • Pentax announces limited edition Silver K-5

    Back to the classics. Pentax announces a limited edition of the Pentax K-5. This time, despite the habits that Pentax was forming, this is not a colorful variant, but a very wise and quiet SILVER model. Back to tradition? Three nice lenses will also received the SILVER treatment: SMC PENTAX-DA 21mm f/3.2 AL Limited Silver…

  • Let’s clean the Pentax K-5 stains

    Let’s clean the Pentax K-5 stains

    Pentax finally admitted a manufacturing issue (either in the production process or in quality control) on the recent Pentax K-5. Most of the very first users had observed small stains on the digital sensor of their K5. Contrary to dust stains (unfortunately very common on all digital SLR cameras), this defect can not be wiped…

  • Pentax new firmware wave

    photo credit: yellowcloud Pentax has announced a tsunami of firmware updates for its SLR photo cameras: Pentax K-5 firmware v1.02 Pentax K-r firmware v1.01 Pentax 645D firmware v1.01