Canon prepares the 5D MkIII

We were patiently waiting the next camera in the Canon EOS 5D series, with an expected EOS 5D MkIII. But we were not certain of its reality. All is shaken down and certainty is restored with the revelation of a few images which -without revealing anything really- confirm the existence of the product.

Seeing the quality of the pictures and the elaborated presentation, it is not difficult to assert that this is really a leak organized in the offices of Canon within the scope of the launch campaign for the Canon EOS 5D MkIII. Of course, nobody will ever confirm this 🙂

But it is rumored that the launch will be happening on March 2nd (not far, eh!)

Canon EOS 5D MkII

Canon EOS 5D MkII

Canon EOS 5D MkII & 1D-X

Source: CRF