No more lost memory cards (Tip)

My personal prophylactics in order to avoid loosing memory cards and photos on memory cards:

  1. Always format the memory card in-camera (formatting on a computer may not be right for your camera, same thing about formatting on another camera)
  2. Always wait 3 seconds before ejecting the memroy card (or check the red LED flashing on the camera body and wait until it defintely stops blinking)
  3. Copy/backup the contents as soon as possible (a portable hard drive is the best option; Do not wait for time in front of your portable PC), then immediately re-format the card (on the camera!)
  4. Never apply image selection in-camera (judging image quality is nearly impossible on the camera LCD; Always edit on your PC/Mac)
  5. Personal routine: Store empty and exposed cards in separate bags (different sleeves in the backpack, different colors/texture for different card cases or bags)