52-week challenge

Improve your photographic skills with a photo challenge

One little idea to progress in our mastering of the photographic technique: Take a photo challenge like “52 photos in 52 weeks”.

There are many of them, but I looked at one of the most famous ones:
The Dogwood 52 Week Photography Challenge.

Major advantage: It does not concentrate on the technical side of photographic but extends to all ways to improve the resulting image. A good way to bring me out of my confort zone. Maybe to improve my work within the three main directions of the challenge:

  • Story telling
  • Composition
  • Inspiration

If you want to know, my own 2019 results will be published on Roumazeilles.net (in the #Dogwood2019 category). I’ll try and comment about the experience at the end of 2019 (If I succeed at keep the impetus).