Category: Canon EOS 5D MkII

  • New Canon firmware: HD video on EOS 5D MkII

    Today, Canon announced that they will add 24 and 25 fps HD Movie recording to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II photo camera with firmware v2.0.3. It will be available as a free download from the middle of March.

  • Testing the Alpha 900 in Antartica

    photo credit: Javier Paredes You have to admit that you would like to know if the first Sony SLR camera supposed to be a pro photo camera, the Sony Alpha 900, is really up to the real-life constraints of a pro camera. Some people would really test it: Michael Reichmann from Luminous Landscape, simply took…

  • Download Canon EOS 5D MkII user manual

    Were you looking for the EOS 5D MkII instruction manual? It is available for free download. You can find it: EOS 5D Mark II Instruction Manual from Canon USA Manuel d’instructions du modèle EOS 5D Mark II en français depuis le site de Canon Canada

  • Video firmware for the Canon EOS 5D MkII

    I usually do not comment about firmware upgrades for photo cameras. What about today? Actually, this firmware is not from Canon. The Magic Lantern firmware has been designed by Trammell Hudson but it is usable on your Canon EOS 5D MkII. I don’t know how he did that. I am sure that it voids your…

  • Canon EOS 5D Mk II firmware update

    Canon has released firmware v1.1.0 for the EOS 5D Mark II. It enables manual control of ISO, aperture and shutter speed while the camera is set to capture video. More information Links to download firmware v1.10 PDF manual about how to use the new features in English/French/Spanish PDF manual about how to use the new…

  • Full Frame comparison

    Gizmodo, the gadget blog, sometimes has a few interesting posts about digital photography. Today, this is the case with their “Canon 5D Mark II vs. Nikon D700 Review Shoot-Out” which turned out to face the two digital cameras in real-life conditions of night photo (of course, they wanted to compare high-ISO pictures and noise).

  • Canon EOS 5D MkII – Not so good

    Even if the Canon EOS 5D MkII received a warm weclome from the whole press (paper as well as Internet), there were a few discordant voices to be heard. They are worth listening to, even if only to be sure to know all the sides of this SLR camera or to understand its limitations, while…

  • More reviews for the FF cameras

    I am quite impressed, I keep receiving more and more reviews for the Full Frame SLR cameras of this winter. It seems that the interest is very high. Currently: Nikon D3x: 15 reviews Canon EOS 5D Mk II: 21 reviews Sony Alpha 900: 21 reviews Nikon D700: 16 reviews A lot of reading for those…

  • Canon for Obama

    Barrack Obama is the first American president who had his official portrait shot by a digital camera. Pete Souza, the newly-announced official White House photographer, shot the picture with a Canon EOS 5D MkII.