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Lens repair

You must not be too easily frightened to go and reapir your own photographic lenses. But with some patience, some tidiness and a lot of concentration… This is exactly what Fredy Willette of Alpha-Numérique teaches us in his article Réparation d’un problème d’engrenage sur un objectif non motorisé (Google English translation).

DIY: Two projects

Thanks to LifeHacker, there are two simple photography-related DIY projects that you can tackle during a rainy weekend. Build a Closet Photo Studio Build a DIY Digital Camera Scanner

A fish-eye lens at rock-bottom price

When you use an expensive SLR camera you are often tempted to purchase a specialty lens like a ultra-wide angle (fish eye) lens. But, apart from the rare occasions when you really need it, it’s too expensive for you and me. Why not build it yourself? Instructables does the demonstration with a Nikon D90, but…