First touchscreen SLR camera?

What do you think about this? There are already several point-and-shoot compact cameras using LCD touchscreens for all or part of the user interface. But, to this day, none of the major SLR camera manufacturers did try this on a them while it would be relatively easy to push this into a design budget for an expensive camera like SLRs. Nothing at Nikon, nothing at Canon, nothing at Sony, …

Who will be the first to bring this innovation? And I really think it is inevitable that it will come soon on our reflex cameras. Even if only because it reduces the number of needed buttons and it brings a certain flavor of technical progress that should appeal to most of the camera enthusiasts buying SLR cameras (just think about the unrelenting success of video modes which should -as a matter of fact- only be considered as anecdotal on a photo camera).

I think that it’s possible to list the best candidates for this:

  • Low- to mid-range camera at Sony, like a Sony Alpha 400
  • Entry-level camera at Nikon, like a Nikon D65
  • Lowest price cameras at Samsung and Pentax, Pentax K3000, Samsung GX-3000 (and maybe even a mid-range option for these brands are striving to distinguish themselves technically from the market leaders)
  • A complement to Panasonic DMC-G1 under the name of DMC-G2 or DMC-G3

This is all mere observation of technolody presence among the compact models (such point-and-shoot cameras like the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T77, the Nikon S60 Coolpix, the Samsung NV34HD or the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX580). And there is more reality to these remarks than to most predictions about the launch of presumed major products at the next PMA fair in Las Vegas.