Sony: A new entry-level SLR

This is just what is promised by an informer to Photography Bay.

Not much about real information (and this may even not be true), but what we learn here is quite interesting and thought-provoking (though quite similar to things that you read previously on YLovePhoto):

  • April 2009 availability
  • Will replace simultaneously the Alpha 200 and the Alpha 300 (quite normal, since they started to fight a little each other at the entry level)
  • Alpha 700 sensor (maybe slightly simplified, no?): 12 MP
  • LiveView mode (finally from the lowest end of the Sony range)
  • Appearance of a “Touch Quick Edition” which will certainly be one of those Special Effects modes (let’s hope this will include useful photo retouching options and not only ugly artsy picture crushing ideas)

All this is still to be confirmed, of course, but it could well announce a new jump in market share for the Sony dSLR line…