Pentax next moves

Were you waiting for news from Pentax, maybe in the shape of a Pentax K30D? We will have to wait together.

This is DC.Watch.Impress who was able to interview Taku Sendai, Product planning manager at Hoya (Pentax mother company).

Pentax 645 (Saquan Stimpson)

Pentax 645 (Saquan Stimpson)

First of all, we get the confirmation that the 645 range of large format cameras will be the answer from Pentax to the Full Frame cameras from its competition. Let’s hear this again: No Pentax Full Frame, but 645 cameras (so, this is even better in terms of IQ, but more expensive and bulkier. Is it really better for all of us here?)

Furthermore, there will be a new photo camera before Summer 2009. Ah! Not really at the high-end of the SLR range (Rather an extension of the Pentax K200D) but with very advanced photo features and looking at the “consumer” level of requirements. So, probably neither a K30D, nor a K3D. Maybe some Pentax K300D, maybe a Pentax K3000D… As there seems to be no significant change in the lens range, the sensor should not change its size either (in my humble opinion, APS-C is still a very good option and dropping down to 4/3 sensor format would not be sensible for Pentax who got its fame with the APS-C sensors).

It’s clear that the SLR body will have a surprising form factor. Pentax decided to shock us all and I think it could go as far as dropping the usual SLR aspect either in favor of a bridge-like shape (let’s hope this would not come with an electronic viewfinder and its poor quality frightening the “serious” customers) or a HD-video-camera shape.

So, this is both good news for Pentax lovers and it may be disappointing for the those waiting for a natural extension of the current Pentax SLR range. Will it loosen contacts between Pentax and Samsung? Not sure. But 2009 could well be the year when Samsung and Pentax will cease to share the exact same model under different names and badges, splitting some of their design efforts.

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