New blurry Pentax SLR is seen

Pentax SLR

Pentax SLR

We know from multiple sources that Pentax is preparing a new digital SLR photo camera that could be bringing a number of surprises including a significant change in the body form.

Rice High has actually found on a Chinese forum a blurry image that would be showing part of a new Pentax SLR photo camera. So, is it the Pentax K30D, the Pentax K3D?

It is difficult to be sure, but Rice High rightly points at issues that are deeply interesting. He pointed at the differences with a Pentax K20D to ensure that it’s not an existing model.

And he noticed that the original image was removed bringing credibility to the genuineness of the original images probably stolen during some beta-tests of the new photo camera.

But a question is still here: Is it really an SLR camera with this very small viewfinder block? It could be a bridge. If not, we are possibly looking at the Pentax K30D with an electronic viewfinder. Or more.