Solutions to photographer’s block

Some photographers may have « writer’s block » (or photographer’s block, more acurately) and feel that they no longer want to shoot pictures. I found two answers to this problem on the Internet.

The first one is a a series of advice by Photocritic: 10 ways to prevent photographer’s block.

  1. 100-step challenge: Walk 100 steps, then shoot from there. It may be a nice walk anyway…
  2. Recreate a photo you love
  3. Visit great photographers web sites
  4. Self Portraiture
  5. Rapid Fire: 120 minutes, 120 photos
  6. Play the Random game: Illustrate a random word (every day)
  7. Look for inspiration in Flickr interesting photos
  8. Try something new (HDR, panorama, macro, flash, etc.)
  9. Don’t shoot any photos, come back to old ones
  10. Stop procrastinating
  11. Help your fellow photographers

The second one has been found by a bird photographer who started to be bored. He decided to aim at shooting photos of 1000 different bird species. Feasible, But not so easy. His web site: