Last minute change to Pentax K-7 sensor?


According to Amateur Photographer, the image sensor included in the currently available pre-production models of the Pentax K-7 SLR photo camera is NOT the final one.

It is unclear whether it is only a minor update to the sensor or a major replacement. But, in any case, it means that there will be quite a few tests, reviews and hands-on for the Pentax K-7 to be re-evaluated.

This is definitely unusual at this stage of the photo camera product life. In many cases, we see a lot of last minute software/firmware modifications, a few marking/painting corrections; But major hardware changes, no way…

There must be something really unpleasant for Pentax to rush a change right now.






2 responses to “Last minute change to Pentax K-7 sensor?”

  1. John Avatar

    Maybe they are adding 1080p. That would be some shock and aww. During the official release announce 1080p.

  2. Yves Roumazeilles Avatar

    That would be shockingly good. Let’s dream a little…