Photography in the Third World

In the coming months many people will travel abroad, possibly to some developing country or or near very poor people. And if they bring their camera, they will want to take snapshots from the place and the people they find there. There, in a different country, in a different culture, when the difference of economic status may widen the gap between the photographer and the subjects, it good to keep in mind a few good tips about how to behave and what to do or not.

  1. Just go there
  2. Learn the Language and Smile
  3. Be a Local, not to draw attention
  4. Small, Quick and Quiet Cameras
  5. Protect your Gear
  6. Shoot from the Hip
  7. Look for the Vibrancy
  8. Move
  9. Find a Distraction. Or Create Your Own
  10. Know and Use the Right Settings
  11. Find Context to Tell a Story
  12. If in Doubt, Ask (but do not steal images)
  13. Get out of Tourist Traps

And always remember that there are millions of good opportunities for photos, but do not forget to look by yourself (without the camera) and to always think of the people around you.