Pentax K-5 and Pentax KR

Thanks to PentaxForums, we may actually know what the next Pentax DSLR photo cameras will be.

As expected the most interesting camera would be the Pentax K-5, with a set of features putting it right into the competition for expert photographers.

  • 16 MP APS-C photo sensor
  • Sensitivity: ISO xxx-25600
  • Continuous shooting at 7 fps
  • Launch on Sept 20
  • Availability: Oct 2010
  • US$1600 suggested retail price

If the high ISO values go with a low noise and high real sensitivity, all Pentax lovers will be happy and a few other may be attracted. However, it seems that the sensor may be the 16MP CMOS sensor from Sony that nearly everybody seems determined to used these days and it may be difficult to differentiate themselves completely from the crowd on this issue only.

The low-end Pentax KR is also very near to what we were expecting (good news again for Pentax):

  • 12 MP APS-C photo sensor
  • Up to 120 color combinations (Pentax is now specializing if unmistakably visible photo cameras)
  • Continuous shooting at 6 fps
  • Launch on Sept 20?
  • Availability: Oct 2010
  • US$875 suggested retail price

Pentax is back in the game! Don’t count them out.

Thanks Tim for the heads-up call.